ArtSci 2019 – Hémisphères

A master of arts, a bachelor of sciences, independently undertaken in a studio or in a lab. The natural sciences have traditionally been kept apart from the arts, enclosed in a sterile space where anything missing a reference and a standard solution has no right to exist. And it is the same story in the artistic realm: how can a detailed display of an insect wing qualify as art, if it is simply a reproduction of what nature has created?

No colour in my lab, no science on my palette.

Like the phenolphthalein in acid-base titrations, we celebrate the colours in laboratories.
Like the inspiration firing through neuronal synapses formulating an output on the canvas, we celebrate the science splatters on the palette.

At ArtSci we celebrate the intersection of Art and Science.

Hémisphères, the second edition in the ArtSci exhibition series, invites the viewer to cross the corpus callosum. Traveling from right to left and black to white creates matter that is anything but grey, matter that matters.

Walk with us and leave the borders behind, rejoice in the primordial soup of what life has to offer and be inspired. ArtSci – Hémipshères presents artscience not from a country, but from both of the world’s hemispheres, waiting for you here at ETH.

© ArtSci 2019