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Last Year Submission Instructions:

We hereby open submissions for this year’s edition of ArtSci at ETH Zurich: Hémisphères, a two week exhibition that will take place at ETH Zürich from 29th April to 10th May 2019. The exhibition aims to display the beauty and relevance of science – researchers, artists, students and anybody interested in the world of Art+Science is welcome to showcase their work. Anybody, no matter the level of scientific education or artistic skills is encouraged to contribute!
Hémisphères is not a contest rating art skills, but rather a festival celebrating the meeting of art and science. That being said, there will be prizes and art swag given during the two weeks, as a part of our mission of encouraging and highlighting artistic exploration of science. We are eagerly looking forward for your submission!

Important Dates

Submissions for ArtSci 2019 – Hémisphères, are now OPEN!

1. Submissions Deadline – 10.04.2019
2. Vernissage: Hémisphères Exhibition & Opening Event – 29.04.2019
3. Finissage: Hémisphères Closing Event & Award Ceremony – 10.05.2019

*In person submissions that come framed, continue until the 27.04.2019, but must be
communicated to ArtSci in advance.

Need Inspiration?

Submissions could include, but are definitely not limited to:
a) Results: Revealing the beauty in your data
b) Conceptual: The motivation for your scientific interests
c) Methods: Demonstrating the creativity in your apparatus, protocol, or setup
d) Awareness: Niché discovery and fields have the opportunity to shine here

The fundamental aim of ArtSci is science communication. Thus, you are invited to join us at the vernissage of Hémisphères on 29.04.2019 at ETH Zürich! Since we cater to an international audience and not everyone will be able to attend, we kindly ask that you provide contact details as you feel comfortable. This allows those interested in your artwork or research to contact you after the exhibition.

Accepted Artwork

We accept any kind of original artwork — individual as well as group submissions, so feel free to collaborate with friends, scientists, or artists — as long as it can be delivered to and displayed at ETH Zürich.
This can include but is not limited to fine art, digital illustration, photography, videos, statues, sculptures, 3D prints, and music.
Note that we will not accept artwork without evidence of scientific content, so please make sure to properly explain your work in the description.

Display Requirements

All artwork has to be either shipped to or personally delivered to ETHZ in time. For illustration photography and fine art, we strongly encourage physical, hard copy submissions in order to guarantee that the final result complies with your quality expectations. We do not accept digital submissions of illustrations and photography of participants from Zürich.

It is important that you communicate the final size of your piece(s) to us at least two weeks in advance, so that we can organise appropriate display materials and dimensions.

Shipping / Submission

While submissions by post are accepted, it is encouraged to bring your artwork in person or to purchase insurance for your piece if mailed.

Hard Copies: Please ship to – SOS ETH, Turnestrasse 1, 8006 Zürich

Digital Submissions: Please submit to – or

Art Sale

You are free to put your work on sale during the exhibition as well as on While we will gladly assist in establishing the contact between client and artist, the final transaction is the responsibility of the artist.

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