ArtSci 2021 – Surfaces

An exhibition celebrating the intersection of art and science through the artistic expression(s) and communication of science.


Surfaces: to be determined

To scientists, surfaces are much more than what meets the eye. A surface is a boundary, the outermost layer of atoms, something made real by shadows, where light and electrons diffract, a biological membrane where enzymes catalyse life-sustaining reactions or the interactive interface of a computer connecting us to the virtual world.

ArtSci 2021 re-codes and re-thinks the significance of boundaries, inviting people to explore what defines a surface – and what lies beyond it. We are the embodiment of the Uncertainty Principle – never without science or art, but constantly striving to understand our position within both.

With ETH as the nucleus, we want to facilitate the diffusion of new conversations, catalyse creative and critical thinking and illustrate your research. To get minds and eyes to step outside of their comfort zone, the lab or lecture room and to seek the unusual. A place for the exchange of ideas, discoveries and beauty: where we challenge the way we think about art and science.

ArtSci 2021 provides a platform to put the magic boiling in the laboratories at ETH on display for everyone: the openness, the creativity and the curiosity of its members minds and of our institution. It provides a few motivated, interdisciplinary students the chance to share their vision with the scientific community and the general public in what has been one of science’s most significant places for over a century.

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